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All of these scenes are taken from our published plays and can be sorted by cast size and then genre. Look for more scenes to be added regularly! Please read the instructions carefully : These scenes are free for classroom and audition use. If necessary, print this paragraph as proof of permission to perform. Once you find a scene or scenes that suits your needs, fill out the Request a Scene form. We will do our best to confirm permission within 2 business days, but give yourself time to hear back.

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Please make sure that you whitelist emails from the youthplays. If you'd like to read the entire play from which the scene comes, click on the order link on each scene's page to purchase a perusal copy! We promise not to email you too often, and never to share your email. Teachers and directors, please consider our plays for production!

Remember, our authors make their income from the licensing of their work for production and the payment of royalties. This allows them to create more great plays! We regret that we are unable to provide specific scene suggestions, as our time and staff are limited, and we feel that it's always best for you to read through our selections and find the piece that best fits you.

So let's get to it: read on to find a great scene! Plays and musicals for schools, youth theatres, universities, community theatres, professional theatres for young audiences and more!

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Small Cast Plays

Guillermo, Terry and Samantha 1 female, 2 males Comedy from Boys vs. Girls: Armageddon by Adam J. Contact Us.Oh, that Rebecca, always running late. This time, when she meets her friends at their local coffee spot, her unexpected or is it? Rebecca on the Bus is a dark comedy about a most absurd reality. Anne Hamilton, Dramaturg. A black comedy at the beach. Smiling Cat Candy Heart is a short play about the big battles in the world and the little things we do to navigate through them.

When two separated parents meet for their regularly scheduled child exchange, their usual communication challenges take an unexpected new twist. When two half-sisters visit an abandoned aerospace compound, absurd government secrets shed an unexpected light on toxic family truths. Chicken Shoot is a short comedy about crimes and validation. A play with an end which considers possibilities, On Tuesday takes a dark and slanted look at our innate desire to have some control over the events and people around us, to make a connection and have an impact.

How powerful is our need to make sense of the inconceivable, in any way we can? Buying a House is a dark comedy about money, women and place, in that order. A single woman sits at a bar, single-malt in hand, waiting to take a monumental, life-altering step: she is buying a house. And that last cocktail may be one too many. About What Matters is a short, pointed play about, among other things, priorities, boundaries, certainties and letting life get to you.Homeschooling is more than just education at home.

Classroom Comedy Skit

Homeschool parents, children, tutors, and anyone interested in learning online, a structured home classroom or unstructured unschooling will find A2Z Home's Cool an "cool" home school blog.

Creating a login will allow you to contribute to the site on a regular basis. The possibilities are endless! I Want to Become a Member. Have a flair for drama? Put on a play or skit with these free scripts and staging ideas in these short plays in English for children. Children will enjoy these royalty-free English plays, skits, dramatic readings and pageants which are arranged according to difficulty.

Selected Self-Confidence Building Activities It matters not whether you have the good looks of a crumbling cathedral gargoyle or the sex appeal of a rusted cheese grater because self-confidence is a power greater than the sum of your parts.

The idea here is to get a list of potential actors who could tackle each role. In doing so, you should be able to give yourself two or three options for every key role. John Cosper, Righteous Insanity. Camp Skits Most of the skits listed here require minimal preparation, and can be easily adapted to accommodate groups of all sizes.

Cinderella 7 characters. Author: Brothers Grimm. Her name is Annie. She was born…. Orphans : We will be back to get her soon. Songs, Skits and Yells Most of these songs, skits and yells have been taken from various places arround the internet. The original source is indicated where known.

Small Cast Plays

Sound file, too, so you can learn to get the timing right. By Ann Zeise. Poetry Theater Perform rhyming poetry plays with these funny and short poems. Based on an original new story by J.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places. Publication Date: July 31, Kindle Edition. Try and prove yourself! Sakura: Evidence? I have evidence. One is this picture. Get some picture out. Culled from various sources on the internet.

Kidsinco Complete List of Playscripts We have more than scripts. Click Here to Read Playscripts in Spanish.

3 Person Play Scripts for Actors

The songs and the characters from well-known books are not royalty-free, though most are in the public domain. Little Women Classic movie script. Peter Pan By J. The cuckoo clock strikes six, and Nana springs into life.A Castle:Broken Apart drama for a cast of 3. A Less Expendable Husband — one act comedy for three women.

A Payment Unkind — one act about sexual exploitation in the entertainment industry. Am I good — one act comedy script for 1 teen 2 adults. Art Talk — comedy skits for three actors. Baggage claim — British tense drama scripts. Barfly — ten minute romantic comedy about a blind date. Bertie — one act thriller for a cast of 3. Better safe than sorry — ten minute comedy script.

Call of the riled — short skit for Thanksgiving. Choice — hard hitting British drama scripts. Church of Satan — religious satire script. Cuckold — ten minute period play. Dueling Chefs — short skit on when chefs fight.

Frida and Diego — play about Frida Kahlo. Gorgeous — one act comedy about a horrible, horrible audition. Imperfectly serious absurd comedy script. Lonely birds and shadow figures — psycho thriller script. Love is a stranger — British one act about forbidden love. More Pasta — ten minute comedy about veganism. Mother — a comedy about being politically in correct. No ordinary man — an interview with a serial killer whose twisted motives may just end up costing the detective dearly.

Now boarding — one act comedy for 3 women on a plane. On The Rebound — Drama romance for the over sixties. Questions — ten minute murderous drama for three actresses. So Easy, a Caveman can do it — short skit about inventing the wheel. Street Theatre — short comedy for three actors set in an ordinary diner. The Appointment with God — a one act family drama. The Audition — 10 minute comedy. The Call Centre — short comedy sketch about insurance call centre. The Devil Dances — sexual drama in one act.

The love of Cheesecake — adult comedy in one act. The Intruder — script about two homeless people who outwit a young journalist. The Mirror — a collection of ten minute plays by an award winning author. The Mistress of Wholesome — a comedy where the mistress takes on the wife.

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The Perfect Partnership — romantic comedy for 3 actors.Are you looking for original play scripts to use in your classroom? Your young cast and students can hone their skills on these scenarios that include time travel, talking turkeys, and even a little romance.

Each of Bradford's play scripts included here is royalty-free, so you can use them in your classroom or amateur theater productions without worry. Below you will also find a resource for radio drama scripts that can be used with character exercises that emphasize voice for action.

The minute play "12 Angry Pigs" is a parody of the famous play " 12 Angry Men. Of course, there's a little allusion to "The Three Little Pigs" mixed in as well. The play is educational and accessible to a variety of students. Perfect for young performers, "Back to the Summer" is a quick and witty play that gives your class a lot of creative freedom. Add your own soundtrack, have students write jokes—do whatever you like to create a positive experience for your young actors. The premise of the play follows three friends who take a time machine back to the s.

3 person short play script

This sets a chain of events in motion that stirs up historical figures from the golden age of pirates, the old West, and ancient Egypt. Even Thomas Edison makes a brief appearance. It is a fun romp through time that actors of all levels of experience will enjoy.

Or, a History of Messy Rooms. In the play, the two main characters—Mom and Jamie—are visited by children from various eras. It is an easy, fun, short production that allows young actors to explore simple dialogue and action.

This play is written specifically for performers between the ages of 10 and Two friends sit at the bus stop, lamenting their boring life in a new middle school, wishing for the days when they could play at recess and make up pretend adventures.

3 person short play script

That's when Montana Jones, part-time explorer and full-time fool, swoops in, taking the kids on a journey to discover their school in a whole new way. This two-person scene takes place at a movie theater box office.

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Therefore, "Cinema Limbo" requires just two office chairs for the stage set. Because of the romantic dynamics, this is a play that may make some teenagers uncomfortable. But such discomfort can be a part of all acting, and this piece may provide the opportunity for some students to experience working with more difficult material.

The simple plot: Employees Vicky and Joshua are having a friendly conversation that suddenly turns romantic despite the fact that she already has a boyfriend. The holiday play "Terri and the Turkey" tells the story of an unfortunate turkey that realizes that today is Thanksgiving.

Free 1-Act Plays for Drama Class

Guess who has a date with the chopping block?Two pretentious art aficionados meet in a gallery that is exhibiting monochrome paintings by a famous Spanish artist.

Naturally they try to impress each other with their art knowledge, smug in the knowledge that they know exactly what to say to impress each other.

What to do when your pretentious bubble is burst…. Read about playwright Terry Roeche. Award winning comedy plays by Terry Roeche. Mouthpiece Productions remedies this by taking theatre to the people. And if has certainly deliver the goods with its latest festival offering — Ugly Art… The show was a treat — a performance of this quality is worth traveling to watch.

3 person short play script

The show was light accessible and above all, very entertaining. Road rage — one act sharp comedy play Bob — 5 minute comedy skit Insurance on the line — ten minute satires. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Other short comedy skits: Road rage — one act sharp comedy play Bob — 5 minute comedy skit Insurance on the line — ten minute satires. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Online Play Publishers and Distributors.During the course of one day, an elegant, deadly hitwoman discovers that once you chose your life, your life never leaves you alone. About Time by Dino Barlaam Short - A young man uses the time machine his father invented for his own selfish purposes.

Abra Kadabra by Will Ball albinopenguin Short - Two street side magicians battle it out in this dark comedy sketch. Admit One filmed as Poetry Man by Mike Shelton Short - A chance meeting between two people from different backgrounds and with little in common, proves that you can't judge a book by its cover.

Adversary by Brandon W. Banks Short - Ira has it hard enough being bullied for wanting to be a dancer, to make matters worse he comes home to his schizophrenic grandfather who watches him sleep at night.

Agualique by Joseph Cahill medstudent Short - A Doctor must face his painful past so that he can move on with the present. Aiden by Tor Cumberbatch Short - A depressed young god becomes infatuated with one of his servants, only to learn of a dark truth.

Aiding The Enemy by Peg Tittle Short - Aiding the Enemy short drama 15min - When Private Ann Jones faces execution for "aiding the enemy," she points to American weapons manufacturers who sell to whatever country is in the market. Alice In Modern Wonderland by Kira Short - Technology creates alternative reality while hinders human interaction and relationship development. Alisa prepares for the most important day of her life, but will it go smoothly?

Ted killed Angie. And now, he has to bury her before Aunty comes home. But he has an idea that just might bury him too. Alone by Sean Elwood zombie sean Short - A girl seals herself inside her apartment during a pandemic. Amelia by Gillian Fu gipattinson Short - A flashback of a romance between two very different people. A few people see Satan.

The rest see Her. A February One Week Challenge script.

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Ankou by Anica Moore symple Short - After hearing a story of an old Breton folklore about the Ankou, three drunken men come face to face with the doctor of death, taunting, teasing and throwing stones at the stranger, breaking his old cart. Feeling bad for what his drinking buddies done to the strangers old rickety cart, Fenley kindly fixes it. But before he finished his fix, the Ankou's banshee-like screams warns of certain death for the bullies. With a brush of the Ankou's cloak, the Fenley was spared for his kind deed but cursed with snow white and never to speak a word again.

The others were not so lucky. Annabelle by Allan Groves Short - A conformed man, repressed by societal norms, is haunted by a mysterious stranger determined to kill him, and steal away the woman of his dreams.

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Answer, The by Will J. Wheeler Short - An adverage saturday morning turns wry, after a mysterious phonecall saves Sam's life.